About Quiet Mind

Stress Management SolutionsStressors are everywhere. They can be found during the drive to the office or school, in a disagreement with a loved one, and while watching the news. Any time that change is expected of us, anticipated or not, stress is felt. On the other hand, life would be dull without stress, and we would lose out on the experiences of feeling pride when we accomplish an important task, the relaxation of a well-deserved vacation, or the adrenaline felt while watching or playing our favorite sport.

Although the stress response (fight or flight) is hardwired in us to be a lifesaving, adaptive function, the near-constant rate at which we are now faced with stressors can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies. One way that we can affect the physical and emotional toll of our experience is to learn and practice techniques which help us to slow down and determine how we would like to confront the issue- in other words, rather than automatically reacting to an event, situation, or person, we can learn how to thoughtfully respond.

About Tracey

Tracey at Quiet Mind ConsultingFollowing 15 years as a master’s level clinician, administrator and educator in behavioral health, Tracey enrolled in a yoga teacher training program with the hope of helping others to manage their stress levels. Throughout this yearlong program, Tracey was also recovering from a concussion that left her with anxiety, a decreased ability to focus, and sleep difficulty. As the training progressed, she noted significant progress in all three areas immediately upon beginning a regular relaxation and meditation practice. Having gained a deeper understanding of how these techniques can teach people to settle their own nervous systems and states of mind, Tracey obtained her Stress Management Consulting certification in order to specifically work with individuals through application of these techniques, as well as other interventions to manage every day and acute stressors.

Although we cannot choose the events that occur in our lives, we can choose our response. Tracey would like to help you meet your stress management goals through the use of stress-related education, breath work, meditative techniques, relaxation training, self-talk education, and sleep hygiene skills.